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11 Reasons Why I Love Ohri’s – Hyderabad’s Renowned Restaurant Chain

They say … When you’re feeling Nostalgic, it’s best to embrace it !!

Ohri’s with its sprawling 25 signature restaurants has been an undeniable part of the culinary legacy of Hyderabad from 1981. From your first sundae at Eatmor to those first date butterflies at Mehfil ..I’m sure Ohri’s rings in a feeling of Nostalgia – here are 11 reasons why I love Ohri’s.

  1. Theme restaurants:

Hands down Ohri’s takes credit for introducing interesting theme based restaurants in the city with the concept that was never heard before.

Where else can one sit in an auto-rickshaw to eat or dine with replica of Bollywood actors or even get a feel of the jungle while you sip on your drink?


Ohris -Ambiance


  1. Introduced Hyderabad’s first Pub :

Did you know that Outswinger located in Baseraa, Secunderabad was city’s first pub ? With elegant interiors from the early English era …Outswinger was the first to introduce watching cricket & football in a pub.


Ohris Outswinger


  1. Chole Bhature from Eatmor:

There are places that make us travel far of distance to savor a particular dish which ultimately becomes an endorsement of that restaurant … Chole Bhature from Eatmor is one such delicacy which you can’t deny but associate with loads of memories.


chole bature


A true Reminiscence of mother’s cooking …. Isn’t it?


  1. Titanic from Eatmor:

Poore Hyderabad Mein World Famous ….this Sundae with a foot tall pile of 7 different flavors is easily the most insane ice cream sundae ever.


Titanic - Eatmor


  1. First to Introduce the concept of Multiplex of Restaurants:

Even before “Multiplex” culture was introduced to the city of Nizams….Ohri’s was the first to introduce four to five different themed restaurants in the same building.


Ohri's Banjara


  1. First to introduce Live Ghazals :

Did you know that Ohri’s was the first to introduce the enchanting affair of soulful Ghazals and delicious Mughlai food to the city?

Royal Ambiance, delectable Food & Mellifluous Ghazals enchant you when you walk into Mehfil at Baseraa.


Ghazal Singing - Mehfil


  1. Big Moustache Guard:

Ohri’s has become synonymous for the Big Moustache Guards who welcome you at their every outlet with the trademark “salaam


Big Moustache Guards - Ohris


Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a selfie moment with these Guards.

  1. Sizzlers:

Hands down the best sizzlers in Hyderabad come from Ohri’s


sizzlers 100 degrees


  1. Introduced first Food Court:

Ohri’s were the pioneers to introduce the concept of Food Court in a multiplex. Walk into the 5th floor of Hyderabad Central and you’d be spoilt for choice with the number of food options you have. With its fresh and quick food to shoppers and movie goers, the food court at Hyderabad Central has created a niche for itself and has become a popular hangout place.


Ohri's Food Court


  1. Introduced India’s First ever “Coca-Cola Happiness World”:

Ohri’s in association with Coca-Cola introduced the first ever Coca-Cola Happiness World to the city of Nizams where one can get a complete glimpse of the entire Coca Cola portfolio and delectable food from Ohri’s under one roof.


Coca-Cola Happiness World


11. Buffet Ka Baap:

With its vibrant colors and a desi touch – Nautanki Gali is undeniably the largest Buffet in town !

Nautanki galli

Incredible dining means great food, spectacular theme, impeccable service and unique atmosphere ….. Ohri’s has perfected them in true sense.

Happy Dining !


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  • There are many things to know about a restaurant brand apart from its gastronomic offerings. I came to know here that Ohris has such a golden legacy of history & initiations. By the way, I was missing Chole Bhature this rainy afternoon.. Now I know where to head for it. Thanks for the direction!

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