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9 hot-spots from across Hyderabad to Indulge In MANGO this season

It’s that time of the year when everything is bathed in a warm, fuzzy, honey glow and there’s sweet fragrance in the air… Yes you guessed it right !! The Season of Mango is upon us and summers are incomplete without getting a bite of the sweet and pulpy King of Fruits!

There are so many places in Hyderabad that promises to offer the delightful flavors of Mango. JetSetEat brings to you the top 9 hot-spots from across Hyderabad where you can relish & indulge in the love for mango this season.

The only thing that tastes better than just a plain mango is Concu’s marbled Mango Cheesecake. Not just that, Concu has a delicious summer menu centered on this tropical fruit that includes Mango & Cream dessert jar, a delectable Mango Eclair with a yummy balance of flavors and textures and then there is the Mango Blueberry Pannacotta – a pannacotta with a tropical twist.


Pc: Concu

pc: Concu

The Mango & Caramel decadence is the cake of the month at Nutmeg, ITC Kakatiya. Made with Crème fraiche, Mango Puree, Caramel cremeaux, Almond dacquoise and then covered with mango glaze – this cake for sure would feature in the best cake you’d ever taste.

Mango & Caramel decadence


Bringing the most loved flavor of the season with a delightful twist at Oh So Stoned is the Mangolicious Aam Aadmi Shake, Mango Mogambo and Mango Cheesecake.

Get high on mangoes this season at Oh So Stoned !

Aam Aadmi Shake


Chef Prasenjit Jana has curated some delicious mango treats at The Living Room of which The Mango Berry Chocolate Cake is my favorite. Layered with chocolate mousse, berry compote and topped with fresh glazed mangoes this for sure shouldn’t be missed. Other mango delicacies includes Mango Basil cupcake, Mango Caramel cupcake and assorted Eclairs which include Mango Vanilla, Mango Chocolate and Lemongrass infused Mango Lemongrass.


The Dining Room - Park Hyatt


Starbucks has brought back the summer favorite Alphonso Mango Frappuccino along with Mango Parfait & Mango Mousse Cake as the brand new additions to the menu this year. For once skip the coffee at Starbucks and indulge in these comforting mango treats that’s perfect for the summer.




If the beautiful view of the Hussain sagar is not enough to visit Verandah at The Park Hotel then check out their summer menu which is a celebration of king of fruits. From Spiced Raw Mango Panna to a Trio of Mango DessertsTart, Crème Brulee & Pavlov…the menu has a lot more to offer.


The Park Hyderabad


The Aamlicious festival at Khandani Rajdhani is feast for mango lovers. This year there are a lot more inclusions when compared to last year. Malabari Mango Kadhi, Mango Pachadi, Mango Raita, Mango Pulao, Aamrakhand, Mango Jalebi, Aam Bhare Papad Roll, Mango Lassi, Mango Dal, Aam Panna are some of the dishes lined up this summer.




Hyderabad Baking Company at Marriott is synonymous for the seasonal delicacies that they have to offer. This year too they have quite a number of desserts lined up around the king of fruits. For instance there is Mango Maharaja Pastry, Alphonso Mango Pastry, Mango Italian meringue tart, Fresh Mango Macarrons, and Fresh Mango gateaux.


Hyderabad Baking Company, Marriott


Daily Treats at Westin Mindspace is a one stop destination for virtually any time of the day that features large selection of international gourmet delicatessens and tempting selections of cakes, breads, pastries etc. Alphonso Mango & Pistachio Tart and Mango Philadelphia Cheese Cake are the mango specials which you shouldn’t miss this season.


Daily Treats, Westin Mindspace


When life gives you lemons, throw it back & say “ I said I wanted a mango” !! Happy Mango Feasting !



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