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Art of Blending Scotch Whiskies – Diaego Masterclass.

The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is much more than indulgence. Whether it’s the hooking punch in the mouth or just the raw and earthy process by which it is brought forth from barley and water, Scotch has held a prominent place. I was always intrigued by the science behind different blend of whisky. Was happy to oblige an invite from Diaego for an “Art of Blending” Masterclass with Hemant MundkurBrand Ambassador for United Spirits.

Art of Blending Scotch Whiskies

Art of Blending Scotch Whiskies

The evening unraveled with each of the guests experimenting with their Scotch based cocktails at Atrium Bar, Taj Deccan after which Hemant Mundkur took us through rich legacy and science behind the art that makes Scotch Whisky savoring experience” absolutely unforgettable.

Hemant used a tasting of Black & White, Vat 69, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label to demonstrate the quality and diversity of its blends. Each of them were explored for its Color, taste, aroma and finish. The raw ingredients of cinnamon, chocolate, orange peel, plum cake, almonds, vanilla sticks etc came in handy to compare the taste and aroma of the blends.

Hemant Mundkur – Brand Ambassador for United Spirits.

Hemant Mundkur – Brand Ambassador for United Spirits.


Here’s some trivia of the five stars of the evening.

Black & White : Black and White scotch whisky was created over a century ago by James Buchanan. It’s a clean, pleasant mild blend with fresh grassy flavor that is complemented by a light sweetness.

Vat 69: A popular classic Scotch chosen by Sir Ernest Shackleton to accompany him on his Imperial Trans – Antarctic Expedition. It has upfront malty, heather sweetness and a lovely peat smoke savory finish.

Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve: Black Dog is a highly acclaimed and awarded brand of Scotch Whisky that is distilled, aged and blended in Scotlanda legacy of Walter Millard. With its elegant woody flavors with silky smooth finish it continues to enchant the whisky lovers.

Johnnie Walker Red Label: Highly versatile with universal appeal, it has a bold, characterful flavour that shines through even when mixed. Johnnie Walker Red Label is now the best-selling Scotch Whisky around the globe.

Johnnie Walker Black Label: Pure amber color. Buttered toast and grain, buckwheat honey, and mossy stone aromas is one of the most famous blends and a true icon in itself.

All in all, it was a fascinating evening demonstrating the skill of blending and underlining the importance of blended Scotch whisky. An evening well spent !

Stars of the Evening

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