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Ci Gusta – The Italian Food Experience

Ci Gusta is a brand well known to bring the Italian food experience to the rest of the world. Out of the two outlets that have started in Hyderabad, the madhapur outlet is the one which I frequent the most for the obvious reasons that it’s just a stone throw away from my office. Offlate, white and blue ambiance seems to be the latest trend for resto’s in Hyderabad and

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Nala Bhimas – Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam

Andhra cuisine has been a favorite with the localities and off late Hyderabad has seen many new restaurants specializing in it. NalaBhimas is the latest addition to this cuisine which promises a journey inspired by royal kitchens of India. The name NalaBhima is inspired by the two characters in Indian epic who were hailed for their culinary skills. NalaBhimas is located right next to TV5 office near Jubilee check post.

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