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A day with 7UP Revive – Beating the Summer Blues in Hyderabad

en people ask me what I do for a living and I say I’m an IT Auditor, they seem fairly impressed and yet not entirely sure what it means. Even my parents still can’t quite grasp exactly what it is I do. They know I’m good with computer network and compliance regulations but not the entirety of what I do. A large portion of my day involves sitting in a

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ITC Master Chef Spices – Launch

Ethnic spice blends prepared with Indian spices are popular worldwide for their unique flavors and rich taste. Diversified conglomerate ITC has recently launched five blended masala variants under a newly created umbrella brand “ITC Master Chef”. The masalas are developed by the Master Chefs of ITC who with their unparalleled application expertise and deep understanding of the taste of Andhra Pradesh bring in a unique value add.     Guntur

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A Three Day Detox with Cleanse High

The idea of internal cleaning and detoxification have been around for quite some time, but their critical role in promoting health has never been more important than it is now. With each of us exposed to an ever-increasing amount of toxic compounds it is absolutely critical for a periodic detoxification. Out of passion for healthy living & strong belief in the age old wisdom of “you are what you eat”

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Sampradaya – Tradition is Forever

From the delicious Motichoor Ladoo to the ghee enriched Pootha Rekulu, there are so many marvelous traditional sweets that can make any sweet lover get hooked for life. The history behind their unparalleled pre-eminence is rooted in our Traditions. Believing that Tradition is forever is this new age artisan sweet shop called Sampradaya that literally translates to “Tradition” in telugu. Located on Road no 68 adjacent to Indian Oil Petrol

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Launch of JANUS – India’s first 100% premium Grape Brandy

We’ve all associated Brandy as the great unsung hero in each of the bar’s lineup that is seldom ordered. Brandy in itself is an incredible stuff and continues to attract bartenders which has been part of many classic cocktails. Surprisingly the popular ones available in the market aren’t really brandy but in fact a neutral spirit based beverage while true brandy is distilled from wines.  Changing this notion comes Janus

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24 Mantra Organic – Eat Healthy, Live Healthy !

“If you want to stay healthy, you should adapt to organic foods” said a Physician who has been my ardent well-wisher who constantly follows my food blog and my regular outside food binge. Although I have heard of Organic foods before and even stepped into a store close by, I never really understood the fad about it. I know of quite a few family and friends who swear by only

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Kumala Wines – Launch

The Wine culture in India is fast emerging and surprisingly it was not the scene even a decade ago. Getting a good quality wine at the local bar or a pub was a far cry. Having grown up in a half Goan atmosphere, port wine for me was easily readily available but there was never a serious discussions about wine in itself. But I’m glad that this culture is now

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Scabetty – Your Own Sous Chef

Did u ever wanted to have restaurant kind of food at the comfort of your home without compromising on the quality of the ingredients?  Well, say hello to Scabetty – your own sous chef. Designed to be a full meal for two, Scabetty comes with all the ingredients nicely packed and delivered to your door steps. Was happy to receive a box of Courgette Lasagna & Chocolate Mousse the past

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The Launch of Taj Svara and The Wine & Steak Festival – Taj Krishna

Taj Svara Wines It’s a known fact that the Taj – A leader in the hospitality has always set the standard for excellence since 1903. The award-winning restaurants that showcases a range of cuisines from around the world has been a landmark dining destination for many celluloid stars, sporting greats, business tycoons, and as well for the common people looking for memorable dining experience. One of the key elements of

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