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Kurnool Khova Bun in Hyderabad

Apart from the splendid landscape & rock formations, Kurnool is famous for its Khova Bun. Although it’s not a common sight in Hyderabad was happy to know of its availability in BK Guda, SR Nagar. One of those random days that I was in that side of the town decided to satiate the Khova Bun cravings. Located just off the street before the SR Nagar Community Hall and opposite to

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Charcoal – An Unconventional Place in a Conventional Location

Somewhere in the bylanes of Madhapur lies this hippie place named “Charcoal” which is a rarity for an area that is dominated by paratha places. Located right behind Hitech Theatre, charcoal is a small place run by two cool individuals, one of whose name is Abhinav (can’t recollect the other).  With just 8 things on the menu, I dint expect each of them is distinct to the other. What caught

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