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Charcoal – An Unconventional Place in a Conventional Location

Somewhere in the bylanes of Madhapur lies this hippie place named “Charcoal” which is a rarity for an area that is dominated by paratha places.
Located right behind Hitech Theatre, charcoal is a small place run by two cool individuals, one of whose name is Abhinav (can’t recollect the other).  With just 8 things on the menu, I dint expect each of them is distinct to the other. What caught my fancy is the Grilled Salmon Burger just for Rs 120/- (Seriously?).
To begin with, I ordered for Smoked Chicken Leg & Grilled Salmon Burger. With Trippin music playing in the background, it was delight to watch both the meats being grilled on the charcoal. The Smoked Chicken leg was served with few greens and mint yogurt, the smoked chicken leg was grilled to perfection but I would’ve loved it had it had more flavor with some sort of dressing to it.

The Grilled Salmon Burger was outstanding, the quality of the bread used was excellent and the stuffing inside was good as well. With two pieces of salmon stuffed inside for Rs 120/- it was a value for money.

The next on the list was Fuhrer’s roll, that was very similar to hotdog with honey mustard sauce  ( I guess) and veggies stuffing. This one had a distinct flavor wherein it took a while for me to understand it, but nevertheless it was great !

The lamb in pita was an unusual surprise on the menu, this one as well was too good. The Wings of Fire were something which Abhniav kept insisting for us to try, but, by then I was already full and kept it for another day !

The prices at Charcoal are very economical and  iam sure this place would be a game changer in the conventional location that sells predominantly parathas. Take note that this place operates only in the evening between 6:00 to 11:00PM.

Final Verdict: If you are in the vicinity of madhapur, do remember to give this place a try and you wouldn’t be disappointed. 
Rating: 4/5

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