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Dialogue in the Dark Experience

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to dine in total darkness, playing cricket in murkiness or even shopping in total gloom? It sure sounds eerie but on the contrary it could be an enlightening experience.

“Dialogue in the Dark” located at Level 5 of Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad offers a one of a kind experience that is sure to challenge certain prejudices and awaken senses. Although I have been here thrice already, I couldn’t decline but accept an invite by the management for a review of the new menu and the experience.

Before we got started, the tour facilitator gave us a slight preview of the experience to follow. In a reversal of roles, the visually challenged guide took us through the entire experience inside. First you’d walk through a forest where the chirping of the birds and water gushing were in perfect harmony with each other. You’d realize how important the sense of hearing is!

Next, you are given a tour of the city where you’d end up finding some of the prominent monuments that exits in the city. Thereafter, is the super market experience and using the sensory perceptions one could shop for spices, vegetables and fruits. Post this, comes the trickiest part of the tour – playing cricket in total darkness that was absolute fun.

Post the tour, one could opt for lunch/dinner at “Taste of Darkness”.  From Desi Combo to Italian and Oriental to even a paratha combo, the options are plenty to dine at Taste of Darkness. The meal is a chef’s special surprise where your sense of taste, touch and smell come into place.

All through the tour you’d realize how professional the tour guides are – they literally have a visual map of the entire place!

The entire experience was certainly enlightening, beautiful and meaningful! This unique initiative in an entertaining way, immerses you in to the world of the unseen, and lets you explore your feelings and thoughts.

PS: I have not elaborated much on the details of the experience since it would be unfair to reveal the surprise elements.

Where: Level 5, InOrbit Mall, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad

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