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Eclaire – Side walk Cafe !

“Eclaire” in Rd # 12, Banjarahills is that cute little store which reminds you of a side walk café in any Italian village. The flower trolley at the entrance, the upside down tea cup bulb holders and the wrought iron décor is definitely cuteness personified.

I’ve visited this place quite a few times in few weeks and every visit has been satisfying.

From cupcakes, cheesecakes, pastries, brownies to different variants of Éclair bars to choose from, I picked Peanut butter, Irish coffee Eclairs & Blueberry muffin. Peanut butter was brilliant and so were the eclairs. Also got to sample few brownies which were quite rich that they prompted me to pack some of them for family and friends.

The service boys at the counter are prompt to suggest you the things on the menu, but not very knowledgeable about it.

The rustic look of the place combined with chic interiors and a limited menu makes Eclaire a must try place !

Thumbs for this new Patisserie!

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