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Goan Food Fiesta – Radisson Blu Banjarahills

Offlate Radisson Blu Banjarahills has become my favorite for their regular promotional food festivals that they come up with. Just when I was getting over the recently organized Kerala Food Festival the hotel surprised me with an invite for the Goan Food Fiesta. Being a half Goan seldom do I come across a place in Hyderabad that serves authentic Goan food and I for one long for some authentic Goan delicacies.

Squids Chilly Fry, Cafreal, Chicken Jeere Merem
Was happy to be back again for a bloggers table where Chef Leon – visiting Chef from Radisson Goa & Chef Chandrashekar Pandey took me through the spread on the buffet. The Buffet was around 70% Goan while the 30% featured the regular spread to cater to the in house guests. Chef Leon explained the origins of each of the dishes and how much of Portuguese influence each of the dishes had.
Prawn Kismur
Began my gourmet experience with Squids Chilly Fry that was stir fried with vinegar & Indian Spices. Chicken Jeere Merem that followed next was tender chunks of chicken done in cumin spices. Chicken Cafreal that I grew up eating is usually green in color but Chef Leon surprised this time with his red version of Cafreal which apparently is the most authentic way. Next up was Grandma’s Veg Cutlet & Paneer Peri Peri done in goan style which were decent enough.
Seafood Caldeirada
For the soups the Portuguese Caldo Vede was on offer – a thick soup made of Kale and Potato which was as authentic as it could get. Was happy to notice the Prawn Kismur at the salad counter. Made of salted sun dried shrimps & coconut – Prawn Kismur is a popular accompaniment that is featured in most of the Goan homes. Loved it!
Arroz Com Camaroa
Goan Fish Curry
The mains featured Seafood Caldeirada – a rustic Portuguese stew of seafood and fresh vegetables which was absolutely delicious to begin with. Think goan food and nothing beats a spicy well balanced crab curry, Crab Xec Xec that followed next was nicely blended with rich spices & coconut which was super good. There was also the good old Goan Fish Curry that was super delicious with steam rice.
Pork Chorizo
Mackeral Rawa Fried Fish
The veg section had Paneer & Peas Caldeen – a light coconut curry that was decent enough while Bhindi Amsol – bhindi seasoned with kokum & pepper  and Waran – Lentils cooked with coconut milk was my kind of comfort food. On demand from the bloggers – the chef instantly prepared Goan Pork Chorizo which was an instant hit and so was the Mackeral Rawa fried fish with Recheado stuffed in it. The Arroz Com Camarao – a goan pulao with shrimps was delicately smooth and yet delicious in its own distinct flavor.
Paneer & Peas Caldeen
The dessert section was the most exciting one as I always long for some authentic Goan desserts. The ever popular Bebinca – a traditional dessert of 16 layered cake made of coconut milk, eggs, butter & flour which is a must at any festive occasion was rich, soft and incredibly moreish! Dodol – a sticky thick delicacy made of jaggery, coconut milk & rice flour was well appreciated and so was Doce – a simple goan sweet made of chana dal & coconut. The second best dessert that I personally liked after Bebinca was Pinaca – another traditional sweet made from rice, coconut & jaggery which was one of the best I’ve had so far.
Goan Desserts
All in all, the Goan Food Fiesta at Radisson with its wide array of authentic Goan dishes is indeed a delight for a Goan like me and Kudus to Chef Pandey and his team for coming up with this idea and special mention about Chef Leon who curated this entire fest. Except for Fenni or a Port Wine to pair such delicious food with, I couldn’t ask for more.
Thumbs up for this one !

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