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Thanks to Desi Foodies for organizing an event here finally had the opportunity to visit Kaficko for Lunch which has been there on my wishlist for quite sometime now. My earlier trysts with this place was few years ago when it was called “Latitudes Café”.
Kaficko is located above Good Earth in Rd # 12. The ambiance looks classy with contemporary feel. With minimalistic designs and yet elegant feel I was bowled over by the ambiance. There was not enough space for parking especially two wheelers which were parked on the walkway outside kaficko.
I’ve heard some great things about the breakfast and the European menu and little did I know about their thai and Japanese cuisine until this event happened. Desi foodies were given a deal on their Thai menu which was a steal for the elaborate menu offered considering their a-la-carte were priced around 250-400.
Began my tête-à-tête with Thai food with the humble Lemon Coriander Spicy soup which was thick and just about okay, I would’ve preferred it to be a clear soup rather than the starchy feel.

Giving company to the lemon coriander soup was the Tod Man Khao Pod (Corn Cakes). These little corn fritters were crispy, elastic texture, and the curry paste used as the filling was quite good, however by the time these were served on the table they lost their sheen and flavor. I would’ve have loved it even more had there been some accompaniment of pickled salad or sauce.

I was excited about the Tom Kha Kai soup which has been favorite in Thai cusine. This spicy  and sour coconut soup was perfect in its flavor especially galangal, except for the fact that it was way too diluted, nevertheless loved it ! Wok tossed lotus stem was done in nice spicy sauce which brilliant, however changed my opinion when I asked for the repeat it was a total contrast to what was served earlier.

Was delighted to see Gado Gado salad as part of the menu though it was not part of the thai culture. A rich mix of vegetables are slightly blanched and mixed with peanut dressing and then topped with roasted peanuts. Though, this was not the authentic version of gado gado, but it was well made to suit the local pallet with its spiced dressing.
For the mains, a buffet was laid out, of which the Vegetable Green curry along with sticky rice was my first obvious choice. This was bright in color with a varied mix of vegetables cooked in coconut milk, that went well with the sticky rice. Except for the sweetened carrots in the green curry this one was brilliant..Loved it ! The stir fried kaho pad rice was quite flavorful which went well with vegetables done in black pepper sauce. The pad thai noodles was just about decent and nothing extraordinary.

For the deserts, Tab Tim Grob was the first on offer. Served in a nice crystal martini glass, the red ruby jellies  (water chestnuts) are first soaked in a flavored syrup and then served along with cold coconut milk. Except for the ice cubes , this was very good and exactly the way I wanted it to be. The second desert, the sticky banana toffee was decent enough and I was already full by then.

On the service front, the staff looked confused to handle such huge crowd, there were goofups in the orders placed too, I was a strict vegetarian and inspite of repeatedly alerting them, twice I have served non-vegetarian soups. Also, my pleas for repeats for lotus stem & corn cakes fell in deaf ears. Same was the case for deserts and water refill too. At a point, inspite of repeated plea, the request for sticky banana toffee was ignored to an extent that I just took a bite from my friends plate and left.
The owners were warm and cordial in receiving the feedback and ensured that everyone had a good time, except that the staff disappointed.
All in all, Kaficko definitely calls for another visit, especially to try their a-la-carte options & breakfast. As long as the food is kept authentic and customized to the local palate, I am sure kaficko would continue to attract the crowds. Thumbs up for this one !


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