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Kerala Food Festival – Radisson Blu

The food festivals at Radisson Blu always excites me with its distinct offerings and this time it was the Kerala Food Festival. As I walked in, was pleasantly surprised to see “Chill – the Terrace” transform into a beautiful elegant Kerala setting with the staff decked up in mundu – their traditional attire.

Chef Chandra Shekar Pandey and his team has come up with an interesting menu that includes a mix of veg & non-veg delicacies. A lot of emphasis has been laid on the spices and vessels used and as per him “Malyali food is something that offers true taste of nature – a perfect combination of the real with imagined”
After feasting on the appalams basket that included Tapioca, Jackfruit & Banana chips Started of my gourmet experience with Attaerachi Charu – a spicy soup with tender lamb, soup was quite flavorful although the salt could’ve been toned down a little. The appetizers were served on the table of which Parippu Wada, Mushroom Pepper Fry, Kerala Meen Fry & Kozhi Nadan Fry featured for the day. For me the star among them was Mushroom Pepper Fry while the Meen Fry could’ve been done with a little more marination/flavor. The Kozhi Nandan (Chicken Fry) was a perfect snacker for chicken lover and Parippu Wada was decent enough.
For the mains an entire buffet spread with predominantly kerala cuisine was laid out which was quite surprising that is a rarity in most of the hotels during promotions. With a spread so huge, I dint know where to start. The  Non-Veg section included Mappas, Crab Roast, Meen Moilee & Kottayam Chicken Curry. The Crab Roast was the first to start with which was hot & spicy and if I had to term it in a word then it was a perfect “toddy” delicacy. Meen Moilee – a mild fish stew made of milk went well with steamed rice. Mutton Mappas-          made of thick and creamy coconut milk and predominantly coriander paste was a perfect match with the steaming hot appams. Skipped the Kottayam Chicken Curry to pave way for the veg delicacies.
The Veg Section featured Ulli Theeyal (Made of Pearl Onion), Raw Banana Mezhukupuratty, Urlai Roast (Made of baby potatoes), & Mulagu Curry.  Mezhukupuratty was not new to me and I have had the veg variation of it couple of times while the “kaya” (Raw Banana) version was super good. The Star among the veggies was Ulli Theeyal – Burnt Onion, the robust flavors and the spiciness makes this dish worth a try among the veg section. Pumkin Errussery & Vegetable Avial were another veg delicacies that I truly relished.
If you think the spread was over, then wait until you relish the Talessary Prawn Biryani
which was outstanding and after a long time I have relished prawn biryani as good as this. The Katti Parippu with steamed rice was a superb finish to this elaborate never ending mains.
The dessert section featured four kerala desserts– Unniappam, Adapradaman, Paal Payasam and Vatallappam. Unniappam – a distant lookalike of Gulab Jamun is made of rice, jaggery and Banana. Although it was good, would’ve loved it to be a little softer. The classic Adapradaman was as authentic as it could get  and so was Paal payasam. The star among the dessert was undoubtedly Vatallappam a coconut & custard pudding which was just outstanding. Loved it !
All in all, Chef Chandra Sekhar Pandey and the entire team of Raddisson has done a tremendous job to attach all strings to celebrate the unique spices, aromas and textures of this cuisine of God’s own Country and with Onam just around the corner this is one promotion which shouldn’t be missed for such an elaborate and exquisite offerings.
Thumbs up for this one!
Rating: 4/5 

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