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Kurnool Khova Bun in Hyderabad

Apart from the splendid landscape & rock formations, Kurnool is famous for its Khova Bun. Although it’s not a common sight in Hyderabad was happy to know of its availability in BK Guda, SR Nagar. One of those random days that I was in that side of the town decided to satiate the Khova Bun cravings.

Khova Bun

Khova Bun

Located just off the street before the SR Nagar Community Hall and opposite to Apollo Medical Shop is this place where Muneer Ahmed Shaab sells some amazing Khova Bun priced at just Rs 15/-. Generous amount of sweet khova is smeared between the soft bun that makes it truly delicious.

Muneer Ahemed - Khova Bun

Muneer Ahemed – Khova Bun

“We regularly source the Khova from Kurnool and want to introduce this street side delicacy here in hyderabad” says Muneer Ahmed who also specializes in Barfi, Doodh Peda, Mixture & Lassi.

He is usually there from 5 PM onwards until his stock lasts !


Place: BK Guda, SR Nagar

Telephone: 9441508257


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