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Launch of Som Tam – A Pan Asian Brunch @ Thai Pavilion, Taj Vivanta – Hyderabad

People fond of oriental cuisine, Rejoice ! As Thai Pavilion brings in a culinary treat with the launch of Som Tam – A Pan Asian Sunday Brunch. Was glad to have been invited the past week for its launch. With an exquisite rhapsody of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Korean cuisines – the brunch promises to take you on a journey through the Silk Route.
Som Tam

The brunch is in a sit down format with 6 course of oriental delicacies that is served on the table along with house wines, brews and spirits. After a quick introduction to the format, began my gastronomical treat with Som Tam– a signature salad of Thai pavilion made of raw papaya and sweet & spicy sauce. The salad was fresh and balances all the flavors of sweet, spicy & sour to perfection on a single plate. No wonder this addictively crunchy salad is termed the world’s best salad. Next up was Gado Gado – a deliciously comforting Indonesian Salad of raw steamed vegetables & hard boiled eggs, fried tofu and tempeh and served with an incredibly delicious peanut dressing. The potpourri of assorted steamed vegetables was as addictive as it could get.
Gado Gado
Next on line were the delectable array of hand rolled Sushi’s that followed which included Maki, Uramaki, Temaki & Nigiri. Maki, I was told is the easiest of them all – a cylindrical sushi with rice wrapped in nori (seaweed) and generally has only one filling. In contrast to the Maki is Uramaki where the rice is on the outside & nori inside. Temaki on the other hand is cone shaped while Nigiri was more visually appealing – a slice of raw fish is pressed onto a mound vinegared rice with a little of wasabi in between.  While Maki and Uramaki showcase the simple beauty and taste of fresh, high-quality fish, Temaki & Nigiri reveal the chef’s creativity with a combination of flavors, colors and textures. Whether you are a purist with a connoisseur’s taste for fine sushi or someone so fanatically in love with sushi – Thai Pavilion would surprise you with their offerings.
Maki & Nigiri
The dim sum section featured Har Gao– a traditional translucent shrimp dumpling and Siu Mai – a veg variant of the same, just that it was open-faced.  The Chicken Hot & sour soup that followed along with dim sum was quite flavorful and like a meal in itself.
Har Gao
Siu Mai
Next up were some scrumptious range of veg & non-veg appetizers of which Tahu Bakar was the first one –  this Indonesian tapas of grilled tofu pockets was quite flavorful while Ji Yuk Sung –  minced pork done in traditional herbs & spices and served on iceberg lettuce was just about decent. Generally the pockets of Tung Tong that I’m aware of are like tied money bag variant, but the chefs at Thai Pavilion broke the jinx and innovated it into star shaped bag with a filling of minced vegetable and paired with Plum sauce. The Vietnamese delicacy of Ca Nuong – a fast, fried and delicious appetizer of roasted fish was super delicious and so was the Tempura Prawns. The Pecking Duck Pancake was the surprise element of the afternoon – this celebrated and much loved Chinese classic was a bit chewy and squashy in texture and yet delicious. Although it was good would’ve liked it to be served on wafer thin pancakes rather than a thick version.
Tahu Bakar
Chor Siu Pork
Pecking Duck Pancake 
The mains included Hei Phad Prik Haeng – water chestnut and cashew-nut in spicy red gravy, Suan La Tu Dou Si – a literal translation to “sour hot earth bean thread” that is made of spicy and sour shredded potatoes & peppers, Pe Phad Prik Nam Manhoi – lamb in oyster sauce, Gaeng Kiew Wan – the popular thai green curry in chicken, Yang Zhou Chao Fan – a wok fried Cantonese styled rice, Bamee Krappow – spicy stir fried noodle and Kaho Hom Mali – Steamed Jasmine rice. The combination of steamed jasmine rice and green curry is always a hit but this time tried it with Hei Phad Prik Haeng which was super delicious, while Bamee Krappow & Pe Phad Prik Nam Manhoi was an instant hit on the table.
Main Course
When you think of oriental desserts, tab tim grob and darsan are the prominent ones that comes to the mind, but the chefs at Thai Pavillion have gone a step ahead and innovated an ice cream made of Thai Green Curry and a baked Cheesecake of water chestnut ruby & coconut cream. These distinctly innovative desserts were just outstanding especially the cheesecake which is a definite must try.
With a price tag of Rs 1399 AI that also includes house wines, brews & spirits, the Som Tam brunch at Thai Pavilion is a perfect place to spend the Sunday afternoon with family and friends over scrumptious Asian delicacies!
Thumbs up for this one!
Rating: 4/5

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