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Lip Lock Menu @ Cafe Coffee Day

Just when all the restaurants were strategizing to chance upon “Valentine’s Day”, Café Coffee Day comes up with a unique “Lip Lock Menu” menu that aptly fits the quote “The way to one’s heart is through the stomach”. Was invited to try the Lip Lock Menu to give them feedback on it.
This menu boasts of all the CCD’s popular offerings, which for sure will give an extra dose of passion. To start with, the Sizzle Dazzle Brownie was a superb combination of hot chocolate brownie and the vanilla ice cream, this followed with Dark Passion, a beautiful tall sundae of dripping chocolate sauce over chocolate ice cream and brownie.
Choc Hola, supposedly a desert meant for queen failed to impress both in presentation and taste except for the rich chocolate cake. The humble Choco Frappe couldn’t go wrong as that’s been a signature and true to my expectation it was great. The dark chocolate lovers would definitely fall for “Devil’s Own” which is frappe with dark chocolate and loads of whipped cream.
The lip lock menu is sure to satisfy any heart’s desire, Be it something mushy, sweet or deliciously savory… Close your eyes, lick the cream off, wipe the chocolate, kiss the coffee and be in the moment!

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