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Mother’s Day Brunch – Raddison Blu, Hyderabad

Ever dreamt of relishing the best of Japanese sushis, Indian paneer butter Masala, Thai Khao Suey, Shepards Pie, Pasts and the Raan …all at one place? Well, the Sunday Brunch at Raddison Blu is one of a kind elaborate exotic affair that features not just one but all the five F & B outlets of the hotel  to offer a gastronomical experience. The Sunday brunch is like a restaurant hop where you could pick up anything and everything from Chill that offers Indian & Conti fare, Terrace that offers whole range of barbeques, Holy Basil an exclusive place for Thai, Japanese & Chinese, Bar 41 for great mocktails & drinks and Dilmah T Bar for tea based mocktails and tea based food.

I was here for the Mother’s day Brunch along with my parents. A quick glance of the spread across all the five places and I knew it would be one gastronomical experience. I started off with some Indian appetizers from the Tawa Counter that featured paneer and aloo tikki which were decent and then moved on to the BBQ counter for grilled chicken with lemon sauce along with a glass of Shiraz Carbernet that paired perfectly well with the BBQ. The litti chokha has the perfectly blend of wheat and sattu and perhaps was one of my favorite live counter of the Brunch. A special mention about the Chef who dished out some amazing veg & salmon sushi which were outstanding, the chef was so happy to see me relishing those sushi that he came back with a portion of Tempura, that were even better than the former. Another star of the live counter was the yakitori grilled chicken on skewers that went perfectly well with the continuous flow of drinks from Bar 41.
Skipped the other whole lot of live counters like the chaat, Dosa counter and tawa specialties as I was already full by then. From the mains, the raan & shepards pie impressed me, while the biryani and other indian fare were just a passé. The penne shrimp pasta in arabiatta sauce ordered from the Pasta counter was good enough and it seemed to me that the continental and Oriental fare must’ve been their forte as they were better than the Indian fare. Missed seeing the breakfast spread & pizzeria counter as part of the brunch.
From the desserts, the live jalebi counter & falooda counter were decent, I would’ve loved it had the jalebi was made of jaggery than the sugar which would’ve gone well with the rabdi. The other deserts on the counter such as mango barfi, meetha rice, mysore pak, caramel custard & chocolate eclairs were just about okay and nothing exciting enough.
On the service front, the staff were extremely alert, attentive and made sure each and every minute detail was addressed and taken care off. After a hearty meal, a quick conversation with the Executive Chef Chandra Shekhar Pandey makes you understand the concept of the Restaurant Hop at the Sunday Brunch even better and also the zeal with which how every staff would want to pamper their customers with the food of their choice. He was also prompt to take the feedback positively and assured on making the experience even better.
With few food festivals already in line, Raddison Blu is sure to cast a spell with its gastronomical delights that would appeal to everyone.
Rating: 3.5/5

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