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Nature Zone Resort Munnar Experience

Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful, a picture-postcard hill station which is still untouched by commercialization and rapid urbanization. The first sight of Munnar is definitely the vast expanse of endless tea gardens, but not many know of the hidden sights of scenic towering trees, wild brooks and the vibrant hues.

Nature Zone Tree Resort

Nature Zone Tree Resort


A 15 minute detour from the mainland Munnar is Nature Zone Resort – an eco-friendly resort with stunning view of the valley that offers a perfect blend of nature and wildlife. Thanks to the lovely management of Mystikal Holidays  and Nature Zone Resort, was happy to have been invited to experience 2D/1N stay at this spectacular resort.




I reached Munnar Bus station at about 2PM where a Mahindra Jeep was waiting to pick up the guests for the resort. The resort is 10 km away from the mainland Munnar and only the resort run jeeps are allowed to the resort. 10 minutes on the jeep and I was already in a remote location of never-ending vibrant hues of tea estates.




The experience of crossing narrow roads with lush greenery was a pleasant sight.


After a 30-minute bumpy jeep ride, passing through some of the best tea estates that I have witnessed, I reached Nature Zone Resort.




Was pleasantly surprised to notice how the entire resort was established without disturbing the Natural landscape.  Was welcomed by the hospitable staff with a glass of warm spiced drink which was apt for the chilly weather. The check-in process was hassle free. By now I realized that the network connectivity was totally disconnected…Indeed a good way to spend the day without any gadgets but to just soak into what the nature has to offer.




There are 12 African Safari Luxury Tents merged with nature’s landscape and 4 Tree houses mounted scientifically. I later learned that not a single branch was cut from the trees to mount these bamboo houses.




The African Safari Luxury Tent on offer was indeed a luxury at its best form. The cottage had superior quality coir flooring, Bamboo & Paper light fittings, eco-friendly toiletries etc. Each of them was well appointed with modern bath rooms and large verandahs plus they were surrounded with aromatic plants like lavender and Rosemary.




The resort had many interesting activities on offer such as the campfire, library, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, jeep safari etc.




At about 8 PM the campfire was arranged at a common area and it was nice to see the resort guests engage in fun activities.


A dinner buffet spread that included ethnic Kerala & continental dishes was a gastronomic delight.




Day 2 began with a morning cup of black tea overlooking the valley. Wandering above the sea of Fog, watching it stretch out indefinitely and eventually commingling with the horizon to become a could filled sky was an experience to remember.



As if this sight was not enough, at about 7 AM, Jomonthe trekking expert at Nature Zone Resort guided me through a 30-minute trek to reach an another magnificent sight with an infinity view of only the clouds and the valley.




This was followed by another short trek to the tea plantations.




Up next was time for breakfast where a good continental spread was on offer. As I sat there with my thoughts wandering about the routine city life, I realized that this is where my happiness exists.




Post breakfast was green tea sipping and then Check out.




Nature Zone Resort is indeed one of the most spectacular resorts I have come across. Nestled in the evergreen mountains with valley views from your veranda, the resort is an ideal place for someone seeking a peaceful holiday with an environment free from distractions of daily business life.


Thumbs up for this one !

Address: Pulippara, Pallivasal, Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612, India
Phone: +91 97454 33330
PS: I was invited by the management of Nature Zone Resort, Munnar to review the property. The stay was complimentary.

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