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New Menu Launch of Le Cafe @ Novotel

Le Café – A European styled side walk café at Novotel has always caught my fancy especially for their assorted confectionaries & fresh bakes on display. Was invited the past month for the launch of the new menu that was carefully crafted by Executive Chef Muthu and his team that included some brilliant selection of cakes and pastries, a variety of sandwiches & wraps, assortment of the finest teas & exotic coffees, breads, salads and delicious confectionary items.
Located on the lobby area of Novotel, Le Café is classy yet stylish with its side walk theme – an ideal place to catch up with friends or business partners. The Café truly imitates the essence of present day consumers who value individualism & solitude while seeking a place to network in the contemporary milieu. The timing was ideal for a cup of mocha, as I looked through their exhaustive menu which I thought was interesting for a café. The proportion of one third espresso and a two third steamed milk was exactly how I would prefer my mocha to be.
Next up were a bunch of assorted macarons in Cardamom, Coconut & Saffron flavors. These meringues sandwiched with cream was so light and airy, sweet and crispy that seem to just melt in your mouth. The delicate yet subtle flavors of saffron was my favorite of the lot. Chocolate Fudge cookie up next was rich, soft, slightly chewy and packed with chocolate chunks – A chocolate lover’s dream come true moment!
“Make your Own Sandwich” section featured some interesting variants that can be had with a choice of bread – Panini, multi grain & whole grain and Filling – Cheese & Mustard, Aloo Chat, Achari Paneer, Tomato bocconcini, Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami mushroom. I opted for a chicken salami mushroom & onion in a whole wheat bread and a Panini sandwich of spinach and feta which were grilled to perfection. Loved it !
Mushroom & Cheese Quiche was a delight in every bite. Perfect butter crust with creamy and delicious mushroom makes this baked savory a must try. On the other hand the Chicken Sausage Strudel was perfect with its layers of puff pastry but could be done with more flavor to its filing.
Then there is an Ice Tea menu with distinct flavors such as Green Apple, Peach, Mint & Lime and Berry. Tried the peach which was perfectly infused with the blend of tea & peach and the right amount of sweetness which was quite refreshing.
The Pastry and Dessert menu is a true indulgence and irrespective of what you’ve indulged so far, there is always room for desserts. Started off with Hazelnut Eclairs – a soft oblong pastry with choux dough filled with rich hazelnut cream that was brilliant while Pistachio Pop Cake with Bluberry Dome was visually appealing but fell low on expectations. The star of the evening was definitely Opera – a classic French chocolate coffee pastry. Thin layers of almond cake brushed with coffee syrup, spread with coffee butter cream and polished off with chocolate ganache was worth every bite …. a definite must try !
Finished it off with a Lychee & Mango smoothie which was as thick and rich as it could get. Brilliant Stuff!
The menu at Le Café is planned with discerning tastes of both national & international guests who frequent the café and with this enhanced experience, Le Café is all poised to offer refreshed and memorable experience.

Thumbs up for this one !

Rating: 4/5

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