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Simply South Gachibowli – Simple South Indian Food !

People who are familiar with “Simply South” in Film Nagar can relate to the awesome food dished out by Chef Chalapathi Rao. Untill now, Gachibowli stretch had every possible cuisine to its name and yet a proper South Indian restaurant was missing from the scene, the newly launched Simply South beside HP Petrol Bunk, Gachibowli perfectly fits the bill.

I was invited for the launch of this new outlet and as I walked in, noticed that the ambiance resembled to that of a modern yet traditional feel which goes with the theme of the food. Simply South is a culinary journey through the 5 south Indian states of Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Kerala that is aptly reflected in their extensive menu. Apart from the regulars at the Film Nagar location, I was happy to see some new additions and was keen on trying them.
Started off with Kaalan Melagu Peratti which is a traditional Tamilnadu styled Mushroom Pepper Fry which had very less ingredients but the real bold flavor of pepper in combination of button mushroom was super good ! Gosht Goli Shorba was one of a kind of soup that I had, it had the robustness of lamb extracts which are then topped with garnished meat balls and coriander leaves. The subtle taste of cumin added on to the flavor of Shorba. Loved it !!
For the mains I opted for Kari Melagu Kozhambu & Yeti Ajadina along with the Vecchu Parotta. I’ve always loved the zesty flavors of the Chettinad cuisine and Kar Melagu Kozhambu, a lamb curry from the same region had nice flavors of garlic, whole peppers & curry leaves that went well with Vecchu Parotta, it’s just that the Vecchu Parotta was a bit fluffy for my liking. The Yeti Ajadina is a dry prawn dish quite famous from the Tullu Region, especially Mangalore. It’s made using special tullu masala which is a concoction of mustard seeds, ajwain, methi seeds and a bit of curry leaves. True to my expectations, this was too good and went well with the parotta.
To finish of my simple south indian gourmet experience ordered for Khubani ka Meetha which was extremely unique to the regular commercial ones that you get around. The quality of apricot and the unadulterated version could be really felt in Khubani ka Meeta. The next on line was Elaneer Payasam which is a rarity to find in restaurants these days, made of tender coconut and coconut milk, this will definitely appeal to everyone. When you are at Simply South, not having Sheer Korma is a sin, in my opinion they serve the best Sheer Korma atleast this part of the town. It is as authentic as it could get.
All in all, Simply South is that kind of place where you would want to take any of your family members, both elders and young and introduce them to their favorite delicacies which iam sure they would immediately relate to, a place where you could keep your qualms at bay and relish the gourmet culinary tour of the five south indian states.
Thumbs up for this one !!
Rating: 4/5

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