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StarBucks : First Coffee and then the rest !

Thanks to Howard Schultz, without whom there wouldn’t be StarBucks. It’s just been a little over 5 months that starbucks set a footprint in Hyderabad and it has already taken the city by storm with an outlet in every mall. Was invited by the flagship store at Jubilee hills for the launch and food tasting and this review comes after being there almost a dozen times now.
Located in the posh locales of Jubilee Hills, Starbucks is right next to the Volkswagen showroom in Rd # 92. The moment I walked in I realized that this place is a magnificent, being a flagship store the ambiance speaks for itself. Be it’s the rich décor, the wooden pearl hangings, chandeliers, the ambiance is a combination of local Nizam heritage and modern feel.
Having visited Starbucks in quite a few places abroad, I knew exactly what to order and where to begin. Java Chip Frappe was the first of the lot and true to my expectations it was super good. Chocolaty chips & coffee with a dash of bitter sweet mocha sauce, milk & whipped cream. Loved it ! White Chocolate Mocha, a first time for me. Intially the white chocolate flavor was a total miss, but the feedback ensured they got it the second time. The green tea latte was one of kind that I had with its invigorating flavors.

One of the things that I liked is you are given a choice of soy milk as well which may suit individuals preference.

Of the non-veg selections in the sandwiches, the double meat club sandwich was intricately filling in every bite. But the Hummus and Pita bread platter was outstanding among the veggies.
StarBucks had a lot of selections for people with sweet tooth of which Red velvet cheese cake was my favorite. Ecstasy in every layer! This cheerful double layered cheesecake was indulgence in every bite. For me this was the best red velvet cheese cake I’ve ever had. Lemon Jazz Cheese Cake was good as well but it dint overpower the former. The chocolate Rasberry tart would definitely appeal to chocolate lovers, I personally loved it for its distinct raspberry flavor.
The service is top notch true to its brand, the personalized coffee mug naming convention is one of the USP and stands out in comparison to other brands.

After such splendid experience, all I could say is at the end of those days ending with “Y”, you just need the cup with the little green straw 😉  
Rating: 4/5

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