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Beer, Burgers & Barbecue – Feast, Sheraton Hyderabad

If you get excited with words like Bun, Lettuce, Cheese, Patty, fries, sauce etc. then you sure are a Burger person. Pair it with Beer & Barbecue and it soon becomes an obsession you cannot find a cure for. The ongoing Barbecue, Beer & Burger promotion at Feast, Sheraton Hyderabad is just what you need to satisfy your love for these 3 B’s. Was happy to have been invited for

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3B’s – Buddies Bar & Barbecues

The term Absolute Barbecue has been synonymous for the innovative Wish Grill concept, impeccable hospitality, and delectable barbecues at a very economical pricing. Raising the standards a little high comes a new concept called 3B’s –Buddies, Bar & Barbecues. Was happy to have been invited for a preview of the concept before it went live. Located on the 3rd Floor in the same building that houses Absolute Barbecue, the ambiance

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Friday Alfresco Barbeque – Taj Krishna

The much awaited Friday BBQ at the Alfresco, Taj Krishna is back with a wide range of Grills and Barbeques from all across the world. With food straight from the grill, live music and open air Alfresco theme – the setting is a perfect Ale for the long, cold winter evenings. In a stunning journey of re-discovery, the master chefs at Taj Krishna offer an array of grilled and barbecued

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United Kitchens of India – A Culinary Journey from Punjab to Kerala and in between !

Ever imagined a place where you could order soup from “Tangra region”, starters from Andhra or Bengal, Mains from Rajasthan or Punjab or even Kerala, and then finish it off with a continental dessert? Well yes, United Kitchens of India – the bold and ambitious new restaurant on 45 jubilee hills will have you covered with delicacies from Punjab to Kerala and in between.