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Post Festive Detox with CleanseHigh

Quite often I convince myself that the festival season comes just once a year so it’s absolutely fine to indulge. Now this indulgence, though festive, may give jitters to one’s health and hence a post-festive detox is important to bring your health in balance. I think the best way to get your health back to a Zen state of being is a juice cleanse and what better than CleanseHigh –

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A Three Day Detox with Cleanse High

The idea of internal cleaning and detoxification have been around for quite some time, but their critical role in promoting health has never been more important than it is now. With each of us exposed to an ever-increasing amount of toxic compounds it is absolutely critical for a periodic detoxification. Out of passion for healthy living & strong belief in the age old wisdom of “you are what you eat”

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