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Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2017

Bacardi is an enduring legacy which is often regarded as the world’s favorite rum and also the most awarded spirit. With a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels, these spirits with their intrinsic, flavors and process has been an inspiration to most of the cocktails that we know and love today. Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is a world renowned international platform for bartenders to represent their company and

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World Burger Tour 2016 – Hard Rock Cafe

Burger lovers are definitely in for a treat as Hard Rock Cafe India is back with this year’s edition of World Burger Tour which has legendary burgers from all around the world. This time the menu showcases local legendary burgers from all over the world – Lebanese veg burger, Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger, Italian Chicken Burger, Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger, Miami Cuban Beef Burger are some of the most gastronomic features on

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InAzia Chime – Sheraton Hotel Hyderabad

Imagine a place with eclectic Asian ambiance that slowly transports into a tranquil setting of Inner Asia…Well, the newly launched Inazia Chime at Sheraton Hotel Hyderabad is the exact definition. Well located on the upper floors of Sheraton, Inazia Chime has a view over virtually the entire Financial District from its vast windows, the likes of which you’ve probably have never seen before. Chime is stylishly designed to subtly replicate

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Komatose – 7 Deadly Sins Of Koma !

What do you call a condition brought about by excessive inebriation where a person is incapable of coherent speech or thought? Komatosity is the word! That’s exactly was my state after being invited to Komatose for a‪ ‎FoodTasting. Located in the same premises of Holiday Inn Express Suites & Jonathan’s Kitchen, as soon as you enter komatose, the brick bond masonry along the rustic hallway transforms into a sophisticated yet

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