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Military Hotels of South India

I have always been fond of Military Hotels especially the ones in Bangalore & Chennai but never really could get to the root or history of these places. Per my research from various sources I could figure out these theories – The roots of these military hotels go back as far as 17th Century to cater to the Maratha Soldiers to give their meat fix (you can almost taste Kolhapur

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11 Reasons Why I Love Ohri’s – Hyderabad’s Renowned Restaurant Chain

They say … When you’re feeling Nostalgic, it’s best to embrace it !! Ohri’s with its sprawling 25 signature restaurants has been an undeniable part of the culinary legacy of Hyderabad from 1981. From your first sundae at Eatmor to those first date butterflies at Mehfil ..I’m sure Ohri’s rings in a feeling of Nostalgia – here are 11 reasons why I love Ohri’s. Theme restaurants: Hands down Ohri’s takes

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