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Relaunch of Ohris Eatmor

When it comes to the delectable chole bature, frosty titanic ice cream, a huge hyderabadi dinner buffet spread and the midnight biryani – Eatmor, banjarahills has been a crowd favorite since decades.     Adding to the delightful journey so far, Eatmor is now rejuvenated with a complete make over.  Was invited for a preview last week and on entering the restaurant, Eatmor certainly gives you a refreshed and swanky

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Ohris | Bihari Food Festival at Tansen

The only thing I was aware about Bihari Cuisine is the Litti Chokha, before landing up at Ohri’s Tansen for their Bihari Food Promotion. For a market like Hyderabad, Bihari Cuisine is never heard off and perhaps this is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant come up with a full-fledged Bihari food promotion.     Chef Amey Marathe – the Corporate Chef at Ohris is although a Maharashtrian by

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11 Reasons Why I Love Ohri’s – Hyderabad’s Renowned Restaurant Chain

They say … When you’re feeling Nostalgic, it’s best to embrace it !! Ohri’s with its sprawling 25 signature restaurants has been an undeniable part of the culinary legacy of Hyderabad from 1981. From your first sundae at Eatmor to those first date butterflies at Mehfil ..I’m sure Ohri’s rings in a feeling of Nostalgia – here are 11 reasons why I love Ohri’s. Theme restaurants: Hands down Ohri’s takes

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Ohri’s 100 Degrees – Sizzlers

I fondly remember Ohris and its chain of restaurants for the awesome memories I have associated with it since childhood. Being a sizzler’s person – I was upset, agitated and angry that one of my favorite and only good sizzlers joint in Hyderabad shut down especially when it was at a scenic location that of Necklace Road. After a period of over two years when I heard that this same

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