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10 Days in Srilanka

Work-Save-Travel-Repeat has been my mantra ever since I’ve started Travel Blogging. In the process of making memories around the world, Srilanka happened! With its 2000 years of culture, fascinating ruins, endless beaches, oodles of elephants, Buddhist temples, ancient monuments, famous tea and delicious cuisine made Srilanka was the perfect destination for a much needed holiday.     Southwest coast and central province of Srilanka are at its best in December

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Plan a Perfect Holiday Destination in April

Plan a Perfect Holiday Destination in April April is definitely a month to look forward to for family vacations. Beat the heat by travelling to some really cool locations that make for a perfect holiday destination. Nainital Located in Uttarakhand, this hill station is known as the ‘Lake District of India’. Naini Lake is its lifeline, surrounded by hills on three sides. Trek or go on horseback to its highest

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Stone Chariot – Vittala Temple, Hampi

One of the main attractions that shouldn’t be missed in Hampi is the popular Vittala Temple. Built in the 15th century during the reign of King Devaraya II, Vittala Temple is the most baroque of the Vijayanagara temples. The temple has many attractions of which one of them is the Stone Chariot or Ratha that stands in the courtyard is actually a shrine designed in the shape of an ornamental

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