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Taj Krishna | Launch of Season’s Gin Bar

The classic Gin and Tonic is known for its modest simplicity and never fading popularity. With so many wide variety of gins readily available, there is sure lots of room to experiment with this drink. Embracing the flourishing global revival of Gin-forward drinks, say hi to Season’s Gin BarHyderabad’s first true Gin Bar. Discreetly accessed off the hotel entrance of Taj Krishna, Seasons has been completely refurbished with its retro-glamour design and back dropped by a quaint garden setting which impresses as an inviting destination for an after work or late evening drinks.


Was happy to have been invited for its launch the past week where an extensive range of gin based cocktails & classic gin drinks were on offer. The Season’s Gin Bar drinks list is headlined by “Tonight We Tanqueray” that sets the bar for some of the most premium and delicious cocktails. First up for the evening was East India Company – made of Tanqueray Ten and flavored with homemade earl grey syrup, lime & coriander seeds infused ice which is then topped with tonic water that leaves a delightful strangeness to the drink.


Taj Krishna | Launch of Season's Gin Bar

Taj Krishna | Launch of Season’s Gin Bar


Berry Berry Floral that followed next was a fruit filled sensation of a drink. The bright citrus notes and the sweet berries together with the hints of floral & Tanqueray Ten makes it intense and yet delicious. The Joy Club on the other hand was a citrusy and fruity gin drink with a surprising spice and herb finish. Made with Tanqueray Ten and tonic, the bartender sprinkles Dill over Watermelon infused ice cubes which adds up a spiciness to the blend. This is then topped with a sprig of fresh dill that gives it a herby flavor.


Next up was Gin Tea and Tonic – a celebration of the huge diversity of flavors. The first sip tasted like a soft Gin & Tonic. Then it morphs from a delicate cocktail to the refreshing tea, tingling on the tongue and leaving a rich aftertaste. It’s was a moreish concoction and within minutes I finished my glass. The drink should rather be renamed to Casablanca instead!


Double Agent under World Class Collection was a concoction of Vanilla infused Ketal one Vodka shaken with honey coriander & chilly reduction, citrus and beetroot juice and with a splash of ginger ale.


Taj Krishna | Launch of Season's Gin Bar

Taj Krishna | Launch of Season’s Gin Bar


My personal favorite of the evening was Bon Fire – which was not only an artistic showmanship but also a brilliant concoction of 16-year-old Lagavulin, jaggery, Turmeric infusion, lime juice and orange Peel.  Smoky, rich and peaty, Lagavulin is a spirit that appeals to the people who really love classic full-throated flavor. The bartender first squeezed the oil out of the orange peel through a flame which lightly caramelizes the oil and subtly enhances its flavor. This lends a gorgeous citrusy bouquet to the flavorful Lagavulin Scotch which is then leavened with lime juice and turmeric infusion. Besame Mucho with its lemon grass infusion, grape fruit juice, lime juice and smoked salt was much loved on the table.




A concise menu of elevated bar bites – Canapes, Tala gosht phyllo cigar, Mushroom & Cheddar quiche and Spinach & Feta Spanakopita were an ideal accompaniment to the gin-forward taste profile of the drinks.




With such a generous scope of selections on offer, you really can let your imagination run wild and for those with a lesser taste for adventure won’t be left out as the staff is readily available on hand with recommendations of their signature mixes.


Disclaimer: I was invited by Taj Krishna Hyderabad for the launch of Season’s Gin Bar, the opinions expressed in the review are Honest & Unbiased.


Phone:  040 6666 2323

Address : Taj Krishna, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India


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