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The Launch of Taj Svara and The Wine & Steak Festival – Taj Krishna

Taj Svara Wines
It’s a known fact that the Taj – A leader in the hospitality has always set the standard for excellence since 1903. The award-winning restaurants that showcases a range of cuisines from around the world has been a landmark dining destination for many celluloid stars, sporting greats, business tycoons, and as well for the common people looking for memorable dining experience. One of the key elements of the Taj is that they frequently have associated with innovative culinary endeavors that have diversified the dining experience of the guests. Taking this legacy forward comes the new association in the form of Taj Svara Wines – a specially crafted wine by the Taj in association with Fratelli Wines.  Was happy to be have been invited for its launch the past week.

Fratelli Wines in itself is a premium brand that has steadily gained enough recognition for its quality and has set new benchmarks for Indian Wines. The carefully curated and exclusively bottled Taj Svara is the perfect addition to Fratelli’s already extensive wine selection. Svara is a Sanskrit form of the word ‘Symphony’ that is perfectly depicted on its label representing the rich heritage & culture of India. With a faint touch of purple, Taj Svara includes the aromas of crisp and aromatic fruits, with well integrated tannins and an elegant finish.
This new world range of wines, creates a stunning palate of delicate flavors with mesmerizing undertones of rich enigmatic aromas. From flirty whites to dazzling ruby reds each wine has been carefully hand-picked, procured and bottled exclusively to be a part of the Taj Private Label Wines”, says K Mohanchandran, Area Director – Hyderabad & General Manager, Taj Krishna
Non-Vegetarian Antipasti 
Wine & food pairing is a balancing act, an art rather than an exact science. It’s a no secret that a wine when paired with a juicy, succulent steak is a heavenly combination and what better way to unveil Taj Svara than at the launch of Alfresco’ s Wine & Steak festival.  A two course menu of Antipasti & Main’s was on offer keeping in mind the launch of Svara. Started off with Non-Vegetarian Antipasti that came with a choice of Salmon, Prosciutto & Tenderloin. Opted for the Salmon that came with a side of cream cheese and also a slice of Asiago Pressato Cheese. Wine & Cheese makes a wonderful combination especially if the wine has ample tannins plus the classic pairing of smoked salmon & cream cheese was a welcome bonus. True to my expectations the crisp clean flavor of Svara gloriously matched with the lusciously smooth smoked salmon.
Tenderloin  Steak
The mains included an option of Tenderloin, Chicken and Cottage Cheese Steak of which Tenderloin was my obvious choice. Served with Comte Frito and a dash of Ramps Pesto, the well done juicy tenderloin steak was the perfect counterbalance to mellow the well-integrated tannins of Svara with an elegant finish. Loved it !
The Wine & Steak promotion is on at Alfresco – Taj Krishna until the 27th of September.
Taj Svara Wines  is crafted and bottled exclusively for Taj Luxury Hotels in India !

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