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United Kitchens of India – A Culinary Journey from Punjab to Kerala and in between !

Ever imagined a place where you could order soup from “Tangra region”, starters from Andhra or Bengal, Mains from Rajasthan or Punjab or even Kerala, and then finish it off with a continental dessert? Well yes, United Kitchens of India – the bold and ambitious new restaurant on 45 jubilee hills will have you covered with delicacies from Punjab to Kerala and in between.
The first glimpse at the restaurant from outside might just look insipid with just the hoarding and few cars parked outside, but once you walk past the bridge a whole different world exists behind those walls. The place is split into a coffee shop (ETC), a restaurant with few lounge styled cabanas serving hookah on the ground floor, a lounge area on the first floor (Dawn to Dusk) that could be used for private parties. The place is huge and I’m sure a lot of time and money have gone in to set up this place.
Was glad to have been invited for a bloggers table the past month where I got to relish some amazing food. The menu with its comprehensive list covered the delicacies from seven different states – Andhra, Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, and even “Tangra” is featured on the menu. Started off with Peethiwali tikki – a rajasthani delicacy packed with rich filing of hing (asafetida) and moong dal and spiced with pepper, green chilies and coriander followed by Bhutteyan da kebab, Malai Paneer Roll & Norkel Posto Bora. The Coconut and poppy seeds fritters of Norkel Posto Bora was just about decent while the Malai Paneer roll – enriched with dryfruits & Indian spices was my personal favorite.
Next up was the non-veg section that included the local Kodi Roast that was stir fried with curry leaves and pepper corn that hit the right notes with its spice levels. Fish Kobiraji – a Bengal delicacy of fish fillet with egg batter was super good and so was the Murgh Angara – the smoked tandoori chicken with heavy spices. The BBQ Grilled garlic prawns was another delicacy that I truly cherished. The korameenu BBQ Grill with telangana spices was decent enough, was never a fan of whole grilled fish because the marination wouldn’t penetrate completely but instead would love a fried fish any day.
For the mains, a comprehensive list of delicacies followed which included Laal Maas , Natu Kodi Pulusu, Chingri Malai Curry, Patiyalashahi meat, ker sangri, Kandhey aur papad ki subzi, Aloo dum and a roti basket. The laal maas was as authentic as it could get – the hottest dish of the land of rajasthan. Natu Kodi Pulusu was just about okay while the Chingri malai curry – a Bengal delicacy of shrimps cooked with milk & cashew nut was super delicious. Patiyalashahi Gosht – a dhaba delicacy was extremely rich and slightly sweet in flavor.
From the veg section the Kandhey aur papad ki subzi was hands down one of the best I’ve had in recent times. Ker sangria a delightful bean and berry rajasthani delicacy was good enough but making it slightly low on oil would’ve made it perfect. Aloo dum – the Qu essential Bengal potato curry was as authentic as it could get.
The roti basket included Zaytoon aur michi ka naan, Garlic Naan, Makai Ki roti, Cheese chilli naan that perfectly complimented every curry. The Samabar rice served in the end was the ultimate showstopper. I’ve travelled long distances just to relish a good sambar rice and this place had completely taken me by surprise. Served along with a Wada for veg version and Kodi roast for non-veg version the sambar rice served here is a definite winner. Highly recommend it!
The desserts featured Pannacotta & Tiramisu which were just a passé and would’ve loved to relish some local/regional desserts.
Having sampled so many dishes, seldom do I come across a place which retains the authenticity of every dish that is served. United Kitchens of India will surprise you with its offerings. The cutlery used is unique with every dish, make sure you observe the quirky take on it.  Kudus to Chef Rizwan Khadeer and his team for coming up with a menu that is bound to take on you on a culinary delight of 7 different states.

If u thought United Kitchens of India is all about food, then wait until u see their mocktails menu. Curated by the famous mixolgist – Sharad Arora, the menu is a delight for anyone with a penchant towards the drinks. Be aware that each of the drinks is distinct to other, therefore even if you order all the 9 drinks at once.. .you wouldn’t be disappointed ! The Tea Toddler – a combination of Olives, Chopped Fruits, and Orange & Hibiscus was just outstanding. The Candy crush is like a reminiscence of childhood memories – Combination of Pineapple juice, apple juice, lemon juice & Hazelnut syrup and a topping of gems over it is literally a delight! ETC Colada – a pineapple & tender coconut served in a pouch was another delight while Litchi surprise was indeed a surprise with its generous amount of Litchi crush! If you’re not a mocktail person then there is Masala Thumbsup and Fanta served in Soda Bottle. The ever popular drink “Lotta” with paan flavor although is not featured on the menu is a perfect refreshing drink to finish off your meal.


All in all, United Kitchens of India is a class apart to relish the best of regional cuisine, with its comprehensive menu & exquisite ambiance.. UKI is a place to be for any occasion!
Thumbs up for this one!
Rating: 4.5/5 

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